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Influenster – Playa VoxBox Review 

Look At All these Goodies 🔥
Hey Guys it’s been a while and I do apologize for not posting much. Having two kids one who is 6months and the other going to be 4 soon, Life gets hectic but today I have this wonderful box to review from Influenster. If you have never heard of them you have to sign up, Like RIGHT NOW! This website is awesome for all types of beauty and lifestyle bloggers like myself.

I got all these wonderful items to review for free for testing purposes.

 Here I have the Eva NYC brand which goes for $17.00 for a box of 10. These hair wipes are great for on the go. The have a Serum infused into them giving you added shine and refreshing your hair with it clean scent. This add shines and glosses your hair taming frizz and fly aways. It also has some key ingredients which help restore your hairs natural oils and nourishment. 

  • Argan oil- nourishes and protects with antioxidants, fatty acids and Vitamins A & E  
  • Vitamin c- enhances shine
  •  Omegas 3, 6, 7, 9 –nourish and repair 

I love how this wipe is a great size not to big or small so it will be able to work with any length of hair. 

Don’t mind my overly tired face.

Next up is this great Cream from Suave. This cream here has a light scent. Comes in a 10oz bottle and only costs $5.18 for the 18 oz which is a bargain for the amount of cream you are getting. This cream has Vitamin E which is known to make your skin look noticeably healthier and more radiant. Being aslo a Dermatologist tested formula it’s enriched with a combination of the anti-oxidants vitamin E and A, along with Pro-vitamin B-5, restores moisture to parched skin. The rich emollient base helps make dullness disappear and helps restore the soft, smooth feel of your skin with 24 hour of continuous moisturizatiom. 

Next up is the Colgate Radiant Optic White Toothpaste. Coming in at only .75oz this small yet powerful package is great for travel or your purse. It has teeth whitening properties like hydrogen peroxide to help clean and whiten your teeth. It’s also enamel safe for daily use. I love a toothpaste that not only cleans your mouth out well but also give’s you the added benefits of a teeth whitener. With teeth whitener’s being so expensive or not working the best this toothpaste gets the job done. You can buy this at your local pharmacy or grocery store. For a 3oz tube your only paying $6.99. 

Last but not least is this Franks RedHot Sauce. This sauce goes for $2.68 at Walmart depending on the size. I got a 12fl oz. This is a decent size for people who love using it on any types of foods or just use a lot of hot sauce. Just a dash and you’ll smell and taste the cayenne pepper flavor. It has enough spiciness without tasting too powerful. This is good for spicy food lovers . This is my first time actually having this type of hot sauce and I loved it. I added it to my rice bowl and it was really tasty. Franks RedHot Suaces come in a variety of flavors from original to super hot🔥. If your a spicy hot sauce lover like myself this one is a must try. Add it tacos or rice bowls or even BBQ wings.

I also got two coupons to claim Two Free Dollop Of Daisy Sour cream Squeeze Tubes,Which I will be doing tomorrow. This is a very tasty and yummy sour cream that I love adding to my taco salads and my tacos. These are a 14oz Tube. These go for about  $3 at your local grocery store. You can add them to chicken or even quesadillas. If you have never tried this I’d recommend this for a additional topping to any meal. 

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Influenster was also nice enough to add another coupon for $2 off any Eva NYC product. This I will be using when the time is right. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this review. Let me know what you guys think below.. Have you tired any of these great products and food samples ? 

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My Favorite Beauty & Lifestyle Bloggers


Today I will be sharing with you all my favorite beauty and lifestyle bloggers here on WordPress and other blogging sites I love.  Some of these bloggers are your ordinary Mommy’s like myself wholove makeup and beauty. Follow these gals👇🏼

Melissa is a mom, wife and beauty blogger over on her Primp and Prime Beauty blog. She has amazing tutorials and reviews on skincare,makeup and hair care. Her love for makeup, her kids and beauty runs deep. Shes also has Instagram where she has some beautiful flatlays and makeup looks. and YouTube where she does unboxing’s, makeup looks and reviews for many budget friendly makeup brands we all know and love. And if your not on any of those she has Snapchat via- melly_cakez and Twitter. She loves pinning stuff on Pinterest as well. Last but not least you can also catch her on Facebook she uploads all of her most recent blog posts on there as well. Go show some love to Melissa.


Mitzi is another mom favorite of mine on The Innovative Latina Blog. She’s a mommy with a teen boy who loves to blog about planners,shopping,beauty and the occasional life update. She also does great blog posts on other bloggers so if you want to be featured on her blog go check her out.You can find Mitzi on Twitter and Instagram where she has some great photos of her featured blog posts, clothing, her cute planners and her daily life. Mitzi is a such a sweet person all around and loves getting to know people from all types of different backgrounds. That’s one thing I love about her blog besides it being so pretty and neat. Go show some love to Mitzi.


Tara is a favorite of mine, she’s not an ordinary blogger and she’s not a mom either. Her blog Cattitide and Co talks about feminist topics. She’s a Freelance Social Media Manager with a great knack for writing and lives in London with her boyfriend. Tara talks about things some of us are afraid too or to shy to even think about. Her blog posts contain sex talk,periods,being body positive and her life. Want to read or catch up with Tara find her on Twitter or Instagram where you’ll find her tweets and photos are down to earth,honest,colorful and spunky.


This blogger Jemma is U.k based blogger who has a very colorful and bright blog called Dorkface. She’s a bubbly and fun person Who loves to draw and paint and sell her work on Etsy. She loves to post about makeup, her favorite things, tips and tricks for your home, and her daily life adventures. She also has a great Girl Gang which she created on hopes to have all types of bloggers connect and be positive with each other and show each other support. You can add her Girlgang badge Here. Want to get to know Jemma follow her on Twitter or Instagram where she posts some beautiful art. Your feed will be flowing with color.


I hope you guys enjoyed some of my favorite bloggers, there are way to many to choose so please don’t feel down if I didn’t choose you this time around. There will be more updates coming soon… follow and subscribe to these lovely ladies.












Blog Awards.

Mystery Blogger Award

Rule 1:  Put the award logo/image on your blog.  — Done

Rule 2:  List the rules — You’re reading them.

Rule 3:  Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog. — That would be

Scarlett is a great mother,wife and planner. Check her blog out. 

1. What is your dream Job ? My dream Job was to always be a pediatrician. 

2. If money were no object, where would you live ??  Would you work ?? I would probably live in Spain, working as a cook. I love cooking. 

 3. What is your favorite kind of animal ???  Do you have any animals ?? I love all kinds of pets. My favorite are cats. I currently do not own any pets. 

 4. East Coast or West Coast ?? East Coast

 5. What is your favorite food of all time ??? I loveeeee Penne Al Vodka

 6. Who’s going to win the Stanley Cup ??? B O O M 😉 I have no idea 😩

I tag anyone who wants to do this, post my link back so I can see your answers. 

My questions would be –

1. What’s your favorite movie? 2. Who inspires you? 3. Have you every been to another country? 4. What’s your favorite kind of literature? 5. Do you have children? 6. House or Apartment? 

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BH Cosmetics Bronze Paradise Palette Reveiw + Swatches

Hello Beauty’s, today’s post is on this beautiful palette I got from BH Cosmetics. This palette is not only affordable but it is a great size and have amazing colors. This palettes is only $11.99 on there site and it not only comes with eyeshadow but bronzer and highlighter as well. It also comes with a full size mirror which is a plus to take along with you. 

As you can see these colors are so beautifully pigmented and creamy. This is with one swatch. I love how they have a shimmery look to them and they look good on any eye color. As you can see if have some metrical warm tones and that bright colored blue. Which I love. I created this look using some of the some colors from this palette. Hope you guys like it. 

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Jeju Canola Honey Water Balm Cream Review 

Hello beauty’s,

Today I’m trying out this product. It’s a Canola Honey Water Balm Cream. This cream immerses your skin moisturizing it and it also has anti-wrinkle properties. This cream has instant refreshing droplets that can be felt as the cream is applied. When I applied this cream it felt like a buttery consistency. It sounds weird but it also felt like it as well. When looking for a good cream for my face especially ones with honey infused into it, I look for a good smell which this has. It’s has a off white color to it and feels oily when spread between your palms.  It leaves a pleasant scent on ur face.  After a few minutes being left on I did not have any reaction to the cream. Which is great. After having it on and it drying on my skin I did not like how it left my face feeling sticky. Overall  the product is not bad if there was a way to get the stickiness taken off. I also loved how this product came with its own mini spatula for added amount desired. Some products are wasted quicker because we use to much and wash the rest off our hands. I would give this product a 6/10. The absorption,scent and consistency of the product was great except for the after feel.  

**I got this product free for complimentary testing purposes** This is not a sponsored post** 

Want to try free products in exchange for a review go to 

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Skin Actives Vitamin A Serum Review 

Hey Beauty’s ,

Today I’m reviewing the Skin Actives Vitamin A Serum that I received from 0.8Liter. This serum rejuvenates the skin while also smoothing out wrinkles and is also cruelty free which I love. When I tried this out I loved that it had a pump which helps control how much product you are using. This serum is only to be used at night and not during the day as it causes sunburns to your skin. That I did not like because I love to layer my skin with Vitamin infused creams and serums. The serum doesn’t smell the best but it is tolerable. Overall this product gets a 7/10. 

Did you know that Vitamin A is required for the proper development and functioning of our eyes, skin, immune system, and many other parts of our bodies. Now that’s amazing. 

*this product was sent to me for Freeform  testing purposes** this is not a sponsored post** 

March 2017

ALEX & ANI Bracelet Review 

Hey Beauty’s,

Today’s post is on this beautiful bracelet I won in a giveaway a week ago from the lovely @CaptionDaFashN on Snapchat. This beautiful Celtic Knot Bracelet is from the Alex and Ani Company. Here’s a bit about the company from there site and maker of the company. As you can see below this company is very passionate about the things they make.

We create meaningful, eco-conscious jewelry and accessories to positively empower and connect humanity. We share a passion for the wellbeing of our planet, our communities, and our individual paths. ALEX AND ANI products are proudly designed and crafted in America and made with love.

Carolyn Rafaelian-

An innovative thinker, spiritual enthusiast, and person of integrity, Carolyn Rafaelian is undeniably making her mark. As the Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer of ALEX AND ANI, Rafaelian has harnessed her strong business sense and divine artistic vision to grow a company that she refers to as a way of life. Named Ernst & Young’s New England Entrepreneur of the Year and SBA RI Small Business Person of the Year in 2012, Rafaelian is a force of positive energy building a company with a conscience. A guiding light and perpetual inspiration, Rafaelian is living proof that anything is possible with hard work and a little positive energy.

What Is Positive Energy?

ALEX AND ANI products are infused with positive energy. Ancients referred to this precious energy as “chi” and “prana,” whereas modern science refers to it as vital force. It is the natural energy that supports life.

How Does ALEX AND ANI Utilize The Power Of Positive Energy?
We embrace the power of positive energy as our core company belief. Each product is infused with positive energy in three important ways. First, the products themselves are manufactured (and infused) with positive intention in carefully selected American factories. Second, the symbols featured in our designs carry their own energy and are accompanied by thoughtfully crafted and meticulously researched meaning. Last, each design is positively intended to empower the wearer and reflect the unique qualities of the individual. Some pieces carry sentimental meaning; others are talismans of protection, power, or intention. The beauty of each collection is that you are the designer. Mixing symbolic pieces with your own alchemy makes ALEX AND ANI completely and uniquely yours.

Corporate Consciousness-

ALEX AND ANI embraces a unique business model that incorporates corporate consciousness in all directives. The wellbeing of the environment, the health of local and national economies, and the empowerment of customers are taken into account with every decision made.
We design products that will have a positive impact on the world. All items are manufactured in America. The materials utilized are sustainable and derived from eco-conscious processes. Internally, all employees are highly valued at ALEX AND ANI. The team is the heart of the company. In-house coaching, creative support, and innovative courses are offered to the corporate family to encourage individual growth and wellbeing for a balanced life.
We believe in the power of gratitude and giving. Through CHARITY BY DESIGN and other outreach initiatives, we channel our resources into the efforts of organizations that work to improve others’ quality of life. Alex and Ani Institute is the vehicle that makes it possible to share these principles, technologies, and ideas that have helped us build our company. We look forward to sharing the secrets of our success and energy to help others attain their goals.

When I entered in this giveaway I had no idea I’d even win. This is the first time I’ve Won anything. So when Julie @CaptionDaFashN messaged me saying ” I WON” I was very excited, not only because I won but because I never had a bracelet from AlEX & ANI so I was very excited to finally have one. Julie was so sweet enough to do this giveaway let alone give all her Snapchat followers a hint on what this prize would be. When I answered and got the answer correct I automatically started looking into what the company was about and what type of bracelets they had. Julie asked for my email and full name and sent me a E-giftcard that night  through my email address. I thanked her a million times. You don’t get to come across someone so generous enough to do such a lovely give away and with a company like there’s I already knew in my mind what kind of bracelet I wanted. 

This is the bracelet I chose and it’s meaning.

Celtic knot Charm Bracelet:

Constructed with intricately woven pieces, the Celtic Knot is a symbol of infinity, as it has no beginning or end. A mystical icon with ancient roots, this knot symbolizes the resilience, flexibility, and timelessness of the human spirit. Embrace the fearless energy of the Celtic Knot Charm as a powerful reminder that our paths are purposefully entwined.

I honestly believe everyone crosses a path in our lives for a reason, for a purpose. I love the design and details of the Celtic Knot. It’s very comfortable on my wrist and the charm is not heavy at all. I love how they add the extra smaller charms on it as well. I’m very happy to have this piece of jewelry and add it to my jewelry box. If you do not own any of ALEX & ANI bracelets you definitely need to check there site out. They also make other types of jewelry as well as home accessories. 
Go check them Out- ALEX & ANI
Go Follow Julie on IG:CaptionDaFashN 👻:CaptionDaFashN 

She has amazing posts on makeup,perfumes,jewelry,fashion and home decor. Plus she has cool giveaways!! 

[ All photos are mine other wise stated] 

**Information is taken from Alex & Ani website. This is not a sponsored post, I did not get paid to write this review, all opinions are my own and are honest and true**